Deltas & Hills

Deltas ans Hills remains one of the best tourist attraction objects places  in Botswana, hence African Secrets through our Safari partner, Island Mobile Safaris takes and encourages guests to go and see the beautiful deltas and hills of Botswana, following are some deltas and hills in our destination lists;

The Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta
A journey to the Okavango Delta – deep into Africa’s untouched interior – is like no other. The largest inland delta in the world with a unique Eco-system. The delta has a wide variety of wildlife and birds. Here one can see the pristine nature of Africa. It is definitely one of the greatest natural treasures of the world – a wonderfully functioning ecosystem, taken care by the People of Botswana, and offered to all who wish to come for a lifetime safari experience.

Rock Paintings_0 tsodilo
Tsodilo Hills


Tsodilo Hills
Close to the Okavango Delta, the hills have the oldest and highest concentration of human rock art in the caves. Tsodilo offers majestic hills emerging from the serene Kalahari Desert. The Kalahari is full of San culture myths and legends as the original birthplace of man. It is the abode of the serpent-monster, and the final resting place of the gods. The spirits of the deceased rest there too. The male hill – the biggest rock is where the first spirit knelt and prayed after creation